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Responsive Website Design

Why choose a Smart Mobile Websites over a normal website?

Smart means being different from the crowd - websites delivering personalized content to the individual situation of the visitor.  For example, delivering content taking into account:
  • number of visit e.g. new visitor welcome
  • device type e.g. smartphone likely to call
  • location e.g. special offers
  • time of the day e.g. inquiry form as office closed now 
  • repeat customer e.g. loyalty deals
  • Special offers or seasonal promotions

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design means building a website from the outset designed to operate seamlessly across multiple formats, including PC, tablets and smart phone.

Website Conversion Upgrade

Basingstoke based Smart Mobile Websites have the modern tools to convert your existing old technology website to the new fully responsive website technology - so favored by Google.  So the good parts of your existing website (which may be text, images, video, tags, etc) which have helped build the website provenance and track record in Google / Yahoo / Bing search are not wasted. Sometimes its appropriate for evolution of your website content as opposed to a completely fresh start.

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